Krish has never felt so happier to come to Vidyarambh Centre and learn in his 2 years of schooling - Parents of Krish.                             Explaining the improvement of our child's activities by the teacher is appreciated - Damodara.                             Good habits are taught. Very happy to leave my child here. Good efforts by the teachers. - Hemapriya.                              Great Progress especially in terms of building child's character - Anish.                              Since Pranav started going to Vidyarambh Centre Childcare, he is becoming independent, very talkative & has started to eat by himself. Thank you so much from all of us. - Parents.                              The teacher training courseware is designed so well and with so much care that it is impossible for students to miss a topic or issue. - Ragini.                               The course focusses on key issues of early childhood care and development so well that the course is a must for every new Mom and would be teacher. - Anupama.